Griffin Gazette Editor

Welcome to the debut of the Academy At Palumbo’s first ever online blog, the Griffin Gazette. I’m Anthony Drayton and I’m the Editor of this new groundbreaking achievement in Palumbo history. On behalf of all of the team, I want to thank all of you who took out the time to visit our blog. While I have no doubts about the credibility of Palumbo’s team of Journalists, I feel its appropriate that I inform you that we are relatively new to this form of online media. Seeing that this is Palumbo’s very first news blog, the success of it will depend on the combine efforts of all of us: The Journalist/Layout Team and you the viewers. With out you all this blog would virtually be meaningless. It’s because of you that Mr. Alvarez and Ms. Schneider enthusiastically sponsored the creation of the Griffin Gazette; to keep you, the readers, informed. What better way to bring the news to you then through the world wide web. With social media in full affect, we know that majority of people will not feel the obligation to pick up a newspaper, which in very short order is becoming obsolete, so the only known solution is to bring the news to you. In this blog you will discover multiple stories: editorials, school sports, school events and so much more as we continue to expand. You will learn things about Palumbo that you never could have found out for yourself or over the PA system. The best part about it is that its from those who walk the halls of this remarkable school. Each writer brings with him/her different opinions, which makes for good news. But one thing we all share is our desire to be pioneers in this changing world. So come and fly with the Griffins; but to quote Friedrich Nietzsche, “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly  into flying”.

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